CICSHAL-RELIGACIÓN, is in charge of academic periodicals and books.

It currently publishes four scientific journals focusing on the Social Sciences and Humanities from the Global South.


Reviewer training

RELIGACION journals use the double-blind system, that is, the evaluators do not know the identity of the authors of the articles, and the authors do not know the identity of the evaluators, allowing the publication of original and high quality articles.



RELIGACION the OJS platform for the processing of the editorial process. After the authors have sent their articles, it enters a first review by the editorial team of the journals, if the article meets the conditions of the journal is assigned to two external reviewers, who have previously registered on the platform with their ORCID.

The reviewers will have access to a form on the platform where they can register their observations, in addition to making observations and/or suggestions directly in the author's file, just don't forget to remove your name from the file. At the end you will have to send your opinion:

  • Accept submission
  • Publishable with modifications
  • Forward for review
  • Forward to another publication
  • Not publishable

Become an External Reviewer

The task of the reviewers is voluntary and is aimed at increasing the quality of the articles for publication.


- Doctoral degree.

- Good knowledge and research experience in subject areas related to the journals.

- Strong command of the English language

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Reviewers may be requested to review manuscripts up to three times a year.

Reviewers need to return their reviews within 20 days.

Reviewers need to provide complete and detailed comments on submitted papers.

Reviewers must not distribute any manuscripts reviewed or disclose information from the reviewed manuscripts.

Reviewers should serve a three-year term and may be re-appointed for another term. Reviewers may resign at any time before the three-year term is completed.



After reviewing two documents, a reviewer will receive an official Certificate as proof of participation.

After reviewing three documents in one year with high quality reviews, a reviewer will receive a Certificate of Excellent Reviewer.

Reviewers who consistently provide excellent reviews over three years will be considered for invitation to the Editorial Board.

If appointed as a reviewer, the reviewer's name will appear on the journal's website.

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